Papad Manufacturers in India

Papad Manufacturers in India

Sep 14, 17
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Siva Exports – Papad Manufacturers in India:

Siva Exports is one of the best Papad Manufacturers in India.  We are manufacturing all varities of papads.

Presently Our Papad available at export quality and most competitive price.


Varities of Papad (Appalam):

1)Plain Papad

2)Pepper Papad

3)Cumin Papad

4)Red chilli papad

5)Green chilli papad

6)Garlic papad

7)Calcium Papad


For Order or Inquiry, Please call us at:

Phone : +91-9042129229


About Papad:

Papad is a very tasty and popular food item in Indian diet.

Papad or papadum is a tortilla like preparation that can be fried or roasted. In fact, It is a snack or accompaniment with Indian meals.  Meanwhile we used urid dhall flour to make papad.

Papad is a thin, crisp, like disc-shaped food, presently comes from the Indian subcontinent. 

How to make papad? 

At First Take about one kg of urad dal. Then grind it into flour and add salt and hing to taste. Then Add water and knead it for some time. Make pancake like shapes and dry them under sun. With one kg of urad dal you should be able to make 200 pieces of papads.

Papad is one of the favourite food items for Indians and is usually serving as snack item.

It also enhances the taste when eaten with the main course.

As it is making from the pulses, it is nutritious and at the same time it is very easy to digest.

It is very simple to make this instant food item, it can be either fried in edible oil or you can simply roast the papad before serving.


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