Best Papad Manufacturers

Best Papad Manufacturers

Oct 14, 18
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Best Papad Manufacturers~ Appalam~SivaExports

Orange Papad is one of the best Appalam-Pappadam-poppadom manufacturers in india,tamilnadu,madurai.

Backed by our expertise and experience of this domain, we are into presenting Poppadom Crackers.
• Delicious taste
• High nutritional value
• Freshness
Product Description
Backed by our expertise and experience of this domain, we are into presenting Poppadom Crackers.

• Delicious taste
• High nutritional value
• Freshness

Other Information:
• Sorghum flour and crushed Black Gram come together to make a cracker that gives the future of non-fried Poppadom a new meaning. Avoiding oil to make a crunchy, Poppadom-tasting snack is easy, making it healthy is not. As a No.1 Poppadom manufacturers in India, Our Black Gramcracker incorporates one of the healthiest and most popular lentils – black gram, rich in phosphorous and healthy energy levels with carbohydrate and fibre rich sorghum flour. Containing less than 1% salt and no artificial additives except baking soda, this is the healthiest alternative to one of the most popular ingredients of a typical Indian meal.

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Best Before 6 Months
Brand Orange Appalam
Shape Round
Size of Papad Small, Medium, Large
Product Dimensions 3, 4, 5, 6 (in inches)
Product Weights 50gm, 100gm, 150gm, 200gm, 250gm, 300gm
Packaging Materials Paper, Polythene pouch, Cardboard box
Weight of Cardboard Boxes 10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg
  • 100 % Traditional Hand made Appalam, Papad / Papadum prepared from selected quality Urad Dhal from specific region of India.
  • No preservative and machinery used.
  • Crispy & Tasty, Hygienically made.
  • Manufactured by team of food technicians well-trained on appalam making whose primary focus is to ensure the crispiness & tasty of the product with hygiene.
  • 100% quality tested food product.
  • Poppadum/ Papad products are checked by expert quality analysts to ensure that they are in accordance with prescribed food standards.
  • India is always about a melange of lip-smacking spices, and our appalam carries that heritage in every bite!.
  • That’s the authentic South Indian Papad.

Products will be provided based on customer requirements(Dimensions, weights, packing materials, boxes)


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Our product range of Appalam includes Popadoms, Pappads & Lentil Wafers. The product Papadum is also known as Papad, Pappad, Papparde, Pappadam, Pappadom, Pappadum, Popadam, Pompadum, Poppadam, Poppadom, Appadum, Appalum, Appala, Appoll, Papari, Pamporo, Puppodum, Pampad, Happala, Popper & Traditional Papads.


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